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Shipping information:

Shipments are made through international couriers, either DHL as UPS or Raico.

All shipments are in charge of specialists that deliver your orders at the place you have selected and you can always know the status of your orders through-out our shipment tracking system available from My Account.

You must bear in mind customs restrictions at the destination country. La Gringa Saddlery will not be responsible for delays, inconveniences, damages caused by customs inspections or the impossibility of clearing through customs the products at the country you have chosen as destination. We urge you to consult your local Customs Agency.

The delivery time varies depending on the part of the world to which shipment must be made as well as the product availability. The shipment will be delivered within the following 3 or 4 business days after the product is available. For further information, please check the Goods Transit Times table.

We send your orders to any part of the world. You have to take into consideration customs regulations of your own country and those of the destination outside the Argentine Republic.

After you have effected your purchase, we will send you a digital receipt indicating the receiving date of your shipment.

Every day you can find out the status of your orders. Check your shipment, entering My Account.

Payment options:

Here you choose the way of payment that better fits to your needs among the following options.

1. PayPal or 2Checkout (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, eCheck).
2. Western Union.
3. Banking transference.

How to complete the order?

First step in process of purchase consists in adding all the products desired to the basket. From there you can continue selecting other products, modifying quantities of the products already selected, or you can enter your registration to finish the purchase. Once you have added all the items to your basket, you should enter your user code and passport to verify your data and make the desired modifications. In case you have already purchased products in "Gringa Saddlery" you can logg in and continue with your purchase.

At second step in process of purchase you have to check shipment data that you entered when registering in La Gringa Saddlery. During this step you can send us additional information in relation to your purchase or other comments.

In case you buy products with a different variety of colours you will be able, through-out this step, to inform us about the colour or the combination of colours you require.

At third step in process of purchase you have to select the way of payment (PayPal). For further security there will be opening a new PayPal window in a reliable server, where you will enter your credit-card information. La Gringa Saddlery neither process nor store up your data in our basis.

Once you finish payment in PayPal, the system will turn back to La Gringa Saddlery to show you its confirmation, you will also receive an e-mail message showing the details of your purchasing order. All prices are in U$S dollars.

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Exceptions to our Reserve on Personal Information and Other Information
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Privacy Statement
Our main objective is to protect your privacy. We have taken all measures within our technological and economical reach to secure your privacy as well as ours. With the only limitation of technological resources that are available to us, we attempt to transmit in the most secured way the information from your computer to our servers. Except the information that you send us via email our server encodes the information assuring that all the transactions done through the Internet stay private and between the corresponding parties only.

Accepting the Terms
By using our Site, You are manifesting your acceptance with our General Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept them, please do not use our Site. In case there are changes in our Terms and Conditions, if you continue using our Site after the implementation of any change in the present policy, it will be understood that You accept those changes

Policy of Refunds and Exchanges

If you are not satisfied with the product/s we have sent, you can ask for the product/s to be change or refund of the money within ten days after the shipment was delivered. We need you to contact us and tell the reason why you need to change the products or the money refund in order to authorize the exchange or refund. At that moment we will assign you a claim number. Please do not send us back any product before contacting us.

The refund of money involves the merchandise value only, and it must be kept preserving its original state, avoiding being used. The delivery costs will be paid by the client.

The exchanges will be payed before being delivered, we will not receive charges or packages without paid postage.

The products made to measure cannot be exchanged or refunded except in case of quality or design failures.

The professional saddle-seats are 10 years warranted, in all cases, they must have a normal use and a suitable treatment. The remnant saddle-seats are 5 years warranted and it will be taken into account the same requirements of use and conditions.

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